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Anime-style blast attacks
Written by MadCow   
Thursday, 13 March 2008

So for no particular reason whatsoever, I was thinking of anime blasts and how to simulate them with ORE (Wild Talents to be more specific). 

Let's say the giant mecha Grand Knight wants to unleash his magical Plate Buster Attack and at the same time Magical Girl Yuki fires off Giant Beam Strike at the knight.

Both of them roll their dice.

If one beats the other's Width, it's all over - the faster one hits the other first.

If they tie for Width, both beams collide somewhere in the middle and we have a little minigame on our hands. We first establish who has the lead by comparing Height.

The Higher roll gains lead equal to the difference in Height while the lower roll gets a negative lead instead. So lets say Grand Knight gets 3x8 while Yuki gets a 3x5 - this means Grand Knight has a +3 lead while Yuki is trailing by -3.

Next round, they must maintain their beam (i.e. by declaring and rolling the same attack again). If either side decides to do something else (or fail their roll completely), they get hit by the beam at a strength equal to the original Width of the attack, and at a Height equal to 5+lead.

If both sides maintain their attack, they roll and compare results again. Any Width or Height advantage modifies the leads accordingly, until the lead hits +5. The loser gets hit by the full (Original Width) x 10 attack.

Always compare and apply Width before applying Height, in situations where Width is enough to gain victory.

So let's continue with Grand Knight and Yuki's battle:

Round 1 was GK +3 / Yuki -3.

Round 2:
GK rolls 3x4.
Yuki rolls 3x6.
Yuki pushes harder and her beam gains more gound, pushing GK's beam away. GK +1 / Yuki -1.

Round 3:
GK rolls 2x2.
Yuki rolls 4x3.
Yuki gets +2 from Width, and another +1 from Height. Her beam continues pushing GK's beam back. GK -2 / Yuki +2.

Round 4:
GK rolls 2x10.
Yuki rolls 5x2.
GK prepares to unleash his ultimate strike, holding back just a while to gather his full energy to knock out Yuki once and for all. But Yuki quickly takes hold of the situation and pushes forward before GK can react, and reaches +5 from Width alone. We don't need to look at Height now.

GK gets a full 3x10 blast in his face (since the match started at Width 3).

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The Unshaven   | Publisher | 2008-03-13 15:51:34
I know I've already commented on, but the more I think about this the more jazzed I am about the idea.

It gives the GM great freedom to create Cool Scenes and adapt on the fly, like to note that on one occasion two enemies who blast at each other with Width 2 are described as tossing off successful blasts and hitting each other (for descriptive scope) whereas two Longterm Nemesis would begin the Blast Fight as described.

As noted, the only thing I'd clarify (which you do in the example) is that the resultant damage is worked out as Width X height 10 rather than multiplied by 10. Of course, that cockup might just be me.

In particularly epic fights, I'd throw in something like the players sacrifice 1SK to maintain the blast, creating something like those anime fights where maintenance hurts people, or the magic in Steven Erikson's books. Hell, with that, people could elect to sacrifice more health to raise their Lead by 1 per SK taken.


- The Unshaven.
CodexArcanum   | Author | 2008-03-13 21:15:11
That is a very cool setup. I wonder if he'd mind if I borrowed that for Cyborg?

It's similar to a concept I was working on for my old game, which I called Clashing. I've pulled over some other mechanics from that early game, and it would work well in my ORE project. Along with zooming, which is my "bullet time" for ORE system.

Sweeeeeet.... Yeah, can I borrow this? I'll give credit in the notes, of course.
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