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Project Nemesis is a fan driven website for games that use the One-Roll Engine (like Nemesis, Wild Talents, Reign and Monsters) or Chaosium's Basic Roleplay System (BRP) (like Call of Cthulhu) and the Delta Green setting.
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Agents & Cells
Delta Green character mortuary
Written by Ross Payton   
Tuesday, 29 January 2008

If you have a dead Delta Green/Call of Cthulhu character you would like to immortalize, try out the beta DG Mortuary. Once you write it up, I'll look it over and approve all valid characters. While it does look rough, I'll fine tune the appearance as time goes on.

The Trident Group
Written by Brian Ridge   
Monday, 28 January 2008

One of the (many) problems faced by Delta Green is how to get Friendlies involved in official cases in a semi-official capacity rather than as outsiders with no authority whatsoever. In 1999, retiring Delta Green agent Walter Weatherman (formerly Agent Percy) settled upon an idea and put it into motion after retiring from the FBI Behavioral Science division. 

Dragan Mrkaja
Written by Eckhard   
Friday, 07 September 2007

Mrkaja was born on February second 1966 in Apatin in what was back then Yugoslavia. Mrkaja's father was a Serb, his mother of Croatian heritage. The family spent a couple of years in Austria. Dragan's childhood was in the good old days of Tito: Yugoslavia - thanks to Western tourism - was pretty wealthy for a socialist country back then. 

The International Order Of Librarians
Written by James Haughton   
Tuesday, 27 March 2007

“A cult on present-day Earth aids and abets Great Race visitors. In exchange, the visitors share technological and magical knowledge”. Call of Cthulhu, Edition 5.6

The International Order Of Librarians (IOOL) is one of the less sinister organisations to be involved with the Mythos, but that’s starting from a very low basis of comparison.

Miskatonic University today
Written by ZootSoot   
Friday, 09 February 2007

Miskatonic's darkest days were in the 1930s. Depression gripped the nation and MU was not spared, particularly after not one but two disastrous Antarctic expeditions. But the school survived by biting the bullet.

The Omega Secret
Written by Varyar   
Tuesday, 19 December 2006

The SIV is a small group of priests (primarily Jesuits), religious (mainly Benedictine monks and nuns) and layfolk from various Catholic charity and political groups. The SIV's mission is to investigate alien activities and provide analysis for the Pope and his advisors. It coordinates with other intelligence agencies dedicated to alien affairs as needed, but the primary goal of the SIV is to deal with alien contact from a philosophical and religious (specifically, a Catholic) perspective. It is an informal branch of the Church hierarchy in Rome and has no legal standing, although most national governments look the other way at its actions as long as they are discreet and don't get in the way.

Marcus K. Foster, Special Agent DEA (D20)
Written by Committed Hero   
Tuesday, 07 November 2006

Marcus grew up in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area. His parents were separated but each played significant roles in his youth. Despite the presence of drugs in his neighborhood, he avoided them at an early age, and still volunteers as a mentor to guide children away from them. His grades and athletic skills were good enough to provide him a scholarship to Vanderbilt University (football and track), where he did well enough to graduate cum laude. He became interested in the DEA during a campus recruiting appointment and had a job secured before graduation. While in their employ he has specialized in the collection of forfeited assets during raids. His eye for managing post-raid seizures has led to several commendations. 

Special Agent Jonathan Grey (BRP)
Written by Richard Cowen   
Tuesday, 07 November 2006

Jonathan Grey has been in the FBI for just under twenty years, and is renowned for his uncompromising approach to his work. Since he helped set up Task Force Deliverance, he and his partner, Special Agent Conrad Shepherd, have prosecuted over twenty separate cases and recovered twenty-nine victims safe and well.

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