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Project Nemesis is a fan driven website for games that use the One-Roll Engine (like Nemesis, Wild Talents, Reign and Monsters) or Chaosium's Basic Roleplay System (BRP) (like Call of Cthulhu) and the Delta Green setting.


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CARCOSA (or the Queen and the Stranger) A Fantasy in Two Acts by Talbot Estus 

Hits: 83
file icon Bits From The BUCKET

At this link you can find some nice handouts involving reverse-engineering attempts from the BUCKET. The owner of the site claims to have worked at a Palo Alto branch office of the ongoing reverse-engineering of ET artifacts. See also Corso's "The Day AfterRoswell." This stuff seems to be linked to a couple of UFO sightings

Hits: 75
Projekt Ragnarok

It is meant as a handout, an old document with a very brief description of "Project Ragnarok", in my scenario the plan is to begin summoning a deamon in enemy territory, obviously the plan did not work as expected but now many years later the process that was started has been completed.

Christian II

Hits: 73
The IOOLhot!
“A cult on present-day Earth aids and abets Great Race visitors. In exchange, the visitors share technological and magical knowledge”. Call of Cthulhu, Edition 5.6

The International Order Of Librarians (IOOL) is one of the less sinister organisations to be involved with the Mythos, but that’s starting from a very low basis of comparison. The order is divided into two levels, plus an auxiliary body. 

Contents of the sourcebook:

Structure and Rationale
-The modern era
Friendlies and Enemies
Creating a member of the Order
-Dark Brotherhood

Keeper Information:
The Pnakotic Manuscripts
The Secret Order
-Klaus Sholz, founder of the Secret Order
An Essay on Trans-Temporal Ecology by Klaus Sholz
A Night at the Opera: Operation BURIED TREASURE

Hits: 217
Nemesis character sheet in the Delta Green style.
Hits: 223
file icon DELTA GREEN: Future/Perfect Part 1 and 2hot!
62-pages of DELTA GREEN goodness. Explore the darkness that the bizarre electronics magnate Arthur Hunt wrought upon the world before his untimely death in 1952.
Murder, time-travel and a mystery 40 million years in the making. Download it now!
Hits: 163
file icon DELTA GREEN: Music From a Darkened Roomhot!
An 34-page DELTA GREEN adventure delving into the mysteries trapped within 1206 Spooner Avenue...
Dozens have died within the haunted walls of this mundane looking house. What darkness is at work here, and what will it take to slake its thirst for innocent blood? 
Hits: 105
Nemesis DG-style booklethot!

Here is a pdf-version of the NEMESIS rulebook done as a booklet in the Delta Green style. We hope you like it. In the grey areas we want to insert some appropiate clip art. The booklet was created by one of the members of Project NEMESIS, Glewellyn. Thanks! 

Hits: 256
Nemesis DG-style A4hot!

Here is the A4 version of the NEMESIS rulebook done in the Delta Green style. 

Hits: 157
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