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Project Nemesis is a fan driven website for games that use the One-Roll Engine (like Nemesis, Wild Talents, Reign and Monsters) or Chaosium's Basic Roleplay System (BRP) (like Call of Cthulhu) and the Delta Green setting.


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Combat Cheat Sheet (Borders)

A cheatsheet for updating NEMESIS with rules from REIGN and WT:EE by The Unshaven.

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(NEMESIS) I Want You to Kill the Ice Cream Manhot!
While most ice cream trucks bring joy to thousands of children, one brings horrible death to them and grief to their parents. It is up to the investigators to find and kill a hideous creature. A creature that dresses in the flesh of dead ice cream men. A creature that feeds on children. A creature that must be stopped. This adventure is fairly short, but might be a bit disturbing to some people.

 Written by Michael LaBossiere, and converted to NEMESIS for pick-up-and-play use.

 - The Unshaven.

Hits: 500
(Antagonists) The Wandering Ghostshot!


The Wandering Ghosts are antagonists who first made their appearance in the module "Quiet Places and Forgotten Things."

They are boogie-men for the international communities of spies and covert operatives – spooks for spooks.  The three of them are from different countries, are different ages, and experienced different events that set them apart from humanity.  They have little in common except their mutual inhumanity and a dependence on the energies released by alien or extradimensional machinery to survive.  For two of them, a little exposure goes a long way – the third is actually addicted to such energy, and wants far more than she actually needs.

  The Ghosts are not part of the government or MJ12, but nor are they part of the DG conspiracy or are fighters for the side of light.  Maimed and twisted once-humans, they are their own side.

As such, they have the potential to be interesting complicating factors to many different situations.

 - The Unshaven. 

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file icon (NEMESIS) Quiet Places and Forgotten Things (Ver2)hot!

Quiet Places and Forgotten Things is a free, 33-page ready-to-play module designed for 1-4 players using NEMESIS.

I have completely revised the module after I realised that its initial incarnation railroaded both players and GMs. This one is much more open, although I believe it still qualifies as a first-draft.

And here's what I've come up with as a blurb:


Anders Bremmer is a photographic journalist, and he's gone missing. But not before mailing his evidence to someone he could trust - and who would know that Anders would only do this if he thought his life was in danger.

The search for Anders Bremmer and investigation of what he stumbled upon will take the PCs to a town in the Australian desert where a lake is receding in drought conditions, revealing a drowned town from the 1950's. A fact which has attracted the attention of interested parties who wish to work undisturbed...

It's the first module I've written, so I'd value any feedback anyone has.

- The Unshaven.

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Kult_Nemesis Conversionhot!

A conversion housing a general conversion from Kult to Nemesis with the Kult Mental Balance system left intact.  I included the alternate skills created by Josh Chewing.


Note:  This document probably needs lots of tweaking, so if you see anything that could use an edit, or if you see any errors, please let me know.  Thanks. 

Hits: 492
file icon Background Generatorhot!

This page provides a tool that allows you to generate a quick background for your character (PC). It is non specific where appropriate so that you can bend it to fit any particular character you have already generated. Keepers may find this useful for generating NPC's.

This tool uses random choices, so every time you click on the "Generate" button you will get a different result. If you don't like the first result then click the button again.


Hits: 670
BRP sheet w/ Madness Metershot!

I wanted the Madness  Meter but wasn't happy with it as presented in UA. So when Nemesis  came out I reconsidered it and came up with this port. The key thing 
for me was to be able to use BRP out of the box. 

Dom Mooney 

Hits: 905
NEMESIS in a Nutshellhot!
The goal of NEMESIS in a Nutshell was to compile all of the most important rules in the NEMESIS: Roleplaying in Worlds of Horror core rulebook to allow them to be printed on one page (front and back).  This handy reference sheet is perfect for new and veteran players alike.
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Nemesis Character Sheet (Color)hot!

While waiting for my copy of Wild Talents, I decided to learn the ORE system by running Nemesis. I love it! I found that the basic character sheet works great, but I had some fun whipping up my own. Here it is for download in color.


Hits: 2289
Nemesis Character Sheet (BW)hot!

While waiting for my copy of Wild Talents, I decided to learn the ORE system by running Nemesis. I love it! I found that the basic character sheet works great, but I had some fun whipping up my own. Here it is for download in b&w.


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