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Project Nemesis is a fan driven website for games that use the One-Roll Engine (like Nemesis, Wild Talents, Reign and Monsters) or Chaosium's Basic Roleplay System (BRP) (like Call of Cthulhu) and the Delta Green setting.


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Grammar and Grimoire: An Aklo Based Magic System for Call of Cthulhu
ORE Horror - Magic
Written by James Haughton   
Monday, 19 May 2008

Magic in Call of Cthulhu is unsystematic, haphazard and subjective in nature, ill-fitting Lovecraft's conception. As made clear in "The Case of Charles Dexter Ward", Lovecraft saw magic as a quasi-technological, repeatable phenomena turning upon the precise invocation and pronunciation of a mystical language. It is also made clear in many places (eg The Dunwich Horror, The Courtyard), that that language is Aklo, that Aklo is the "programming language" of the (local) universe, and that Aklo is inherently tied to the Great Old Ones. 

Drawbridge Closed scenario
Delta Green - DG Operas & Operations
Written by Peter K.   
Monday, 19 May 2008

I originally posted this on the Unknown Armies list months ago, but don't remember mentioning it here. A bit on the soft-science side since I didn't really do any serious research before writing it, but seems mildly germane to the discussion anyway. Originally inspired by the lyrics of "Drawbridge" (by the All Girl Summer Fun Band) and "Sad Sad Song" (by Tilly and the wall). 

Setting Write-up: Damned
ORE Superheroes - Superheroes Worlds
Written by hplovescats   
Saturday, 17 May 2008

This is my write-up for a game I'm going to be running in a month or two. It's long, so here's the key concept: 24 + Aeon + old skool metal demonic imagery = Damned. If that interests you, read on! 

Intro to "Black Cod Island"
Delta Green - DG Operas & Operations
Written by Dennis Detwiller   
Friday, 16 May 2008

As a little promise, here's the intro to "Black Cod Island" my particular piece of the horror that is DG:TOO. 

Homeland Security: Delta Green for the new millennium
Delta Green - DG Operas & Operations
Written by Belisarius   
Thursday, 15 May 2008

I love Delta Green and consider it one of the best supplements of the 1990s, and if anything, Countdown is better. However, I also have to admit that the sourcebook -- like its cousin Conspiracy X -- has largely been made irrelevant by current events. 

Delta Green: Targets of Opportunity
The News - Latest News
Written by Shane Ivey   
Monday, 05 May 2008

With the success of the limited edition of Delta Green: Eyes Only and its upcoming release to distribution, Pagan Publishing and Arc Dream Publishing are working together on a new collection for Delta Green. Delta Green: Targets of Opportunity will feature all new resources, including some material that we've all wanted to see since the earliest days of Delta Green.

But we need your help. 

REIGN Supplement #8: The Maemeck Front
The News - Latest News
Written by Greg Stolze   
Tuesday, 29 April 2008
Supplement #8 provides some long-awaited information, including...
  • The Crimson Guard. At last, the specific details of the Jawless warriors' gruesome powers are revealed.
  • The Maemeck Matriarchy. Their history, culture and beliefs.
  • The Quellers. The enchantresses who protect the Matriarchy against The Empire are, within their own lands, as despised as they are necessary.

One additional item that may interest many... 

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