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New Quality: Magic
ORE Fantasy - Fantasy Companies and Characters
Written by Old Scratch   
Monday, 08 September 2008

There are guilds where alchemists fabricate gold and living things are born and stir in glass cylinders. There are cults of assassins with the very shadows themselves stir to turn on their masters. There are viziers who summon the spirits of the wind that hear all and speak with the serpents of the earth that have lived for millennia. There are colleges where the wisest and sagest of men and women go forth to share their wisdom with the regents of the world. Magic is a force unto itself.

Establish Trade/Loans/Cheat on Cartel or Trade Partner
ORE Fantasy - Fantasy Companies and Characters
Written by Old Scratch   
Monday, 01 September 2008

This is a means of increasing one’s wealth by establishing an enduring economic relationship with another company. The Trade must be established with a company with a Treasure equal to one less or greater than the initiating Company’s Treasure. Participating in the trade route is a voluntary act by the trading partner, and might require role playing and diplomacy to encourage the prospective trade partner to enter into the relationship.

Economic Competition/Sabotage/Warfare
ORE Fantasy - Fantasy Companies and Characters
Written by Old Scratch   
Monday, 01 September 2008

As it stands now, the only way to hit the wealth of another company is through military action… which in some more sophisticated economies doesn’t make much sense. Shouldn’t two merchant houses be able to wage an economic war against each other?

The Trouble With Harry
Delta Green - DG Operas & Operations
Written by Robert Lint   
Friday, 29 August 2008

The Agent's cell is activated by whatever means are typically used, with notice that they must assist a Friendly. They are told not to ask questions but to render whatever assistance is needed. The time is 9:30pm

Actual Play: Dig To Victory
Delta Green - DG Operas & Operations
Written by Ross Payton   
Friday, 29 August 2008

At Gencon this year, I got to play in a pagan publishing playtest of a WW1 CoC scenario called Dig To Victory, run by Adam Scott Glancy. I just posted the recording of it to my podcast. It's over 5 hours but it was a blast to play. Oh and Greg Stolze is one of the players.

Download: Actual Play: Dig To Victory

Delta Green: Eyes Only on its way from the Printer
The News - Latest News
Written by A. Scott Glancy   
Thursday, 21 August 2008

More news on the softcover edition of Delta Green: Eyes Only. We sold out of the 78 copies we had shipped to GenCon and as of today, our printer got the last payment (including the hefty shipping fee) and the books will be on their way to the distributors who preordered and to our warehouse. They'll be in the hands of Arkham Bazaar in about a week for those of you who pre-ordered them. The first wave will hit brick and mortar game stores in about two-three weeks.

Legal Actions
ORE Rules - Experimental Rules
Written by Old Scratch   
Friday, 15 August 2008

I was just thinking about the awesome and fateful legal battle in Njal’s Saga and the power of the courts when I realized that I felt something was missing from Reign.

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