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Project Nemesis is a fan driven website for games that use the One-Roll Engine (like Nemesis, Wild Talents, Reign and Monsters) or Chaosium's Basic Roleplay System (BRP) (like Call of Cthulhu) and the Delta Green setting.


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file icon REIGN Supplement #10: Imperial Council

As a bonus, here are character handouts for one of the scenarios in REIGN Supplement #10.


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file icon REIGN Supplement #10: Harlots, Pirates and Storms
The tenth Supplement for the game REIGN. Instead of the regular 10,000 word supplements you're used to, this one weighs in at over 15,000. It's my way of celebrating REIGN's tenth.

What do those 15,000 words describe?   
  • Rules for Storms at Sea. Your travelers can now live through naval disasters as exciting and destructive as combat.   
  • Campaign Frameworks. In response to the demand for ideas about how to run a REIGN campaign, three possibilities are presented.
    • Imperial Harlots. Forget everything but the Company rules as you try to govern the world's grandest political entity.
    • A military campaign pitting Ob-lob pirates against the all-seeing rulers of Upunzi.
    • A roguish romp through Uldholm and the Lightless Jungle that stters away from static fights to emphasize thrilling chases.

Also, the long awaited cheat sheet for resolving unconventional attacks and police actions.

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REIGN - Character Sheet (fillable - savable)hot!

I guess I'm standing on the shoulders of giants. All the praise goes to Daniel Solis for creating this sheet and to texaspoet to making this into a form.

The only change is that the form can now be saved locally

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REIGN - Character Sheet (fillable)hot!

This is a fillable pdf that I made from (I believe) Daniel Solis's  excellent character sheet.



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ORE Point Buy Calculatorhot!

This zip file contains an Excel sheet that lets you enter the number of points to build a Character on, and then calculates your totals for you as you add and subtract skills, attributes, martial paths, etc.  My next plan is to put a linked character sheet on a seperate page (if I ever have a day off again).


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Complete REIGN Spell Bookhot!

The updated sorcery/school/spell spread sheet.

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Advantages, Esoteric Disciplines and Martial Pathshot!

The complete list of Advantages/Martial Paths/Esoteric Disciplines and where you can find them by Chris Cooper.

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file icon REIGN Supplement #9 hot!
Supplement #9 can be downloaded from Greg Stolze's website. 
  • The deceptive mirror magics of the dread Opetkan security apparatus. -Information on the Bodymasters, sorcerers who are quire possibly the biggest threat The Empire never heard of.
  • AFTER THEM!, detailed stealth and pursuit mechanics that blend cat-and-mouse sneaking with flat out fleeing.
  • One page reference sheets for AFTER THEM!, DIE, MEN! and the standard REIGN combat system.
  • Something else.
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file icon Company Reference Sheethot!

Reference sheet with a summary of all the rules concerning Companies. 

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Dragon REIGN Character Sheethot!
A character sheet to go with the Dragon REIGN source PDF.
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